Hoff bill to eliminate inefficiencies at the Department of Licensing signed into law

On Tuesday, Gov. Jay Inslee signed a bill sponsored by Rep. Larry Hoff to eliminate inefficiencies at the Department of Licensing (DOL) after its rollout of a modernized licensing system late last year.

DOL is responsible for regulating dozens of business industries, which involves issuing licenses and ensuring compliance with professional standards and laws.

House Bill 1176, which was requested by the agency, will prevent the need for staff to enter unnecessary information into the new system, while also streamlining the licensing and exam process for applicants in a number of industries.

“One of my top priorities is ensuring state agencies are serving the people of Washington state well,” said Hoff, R-Vancouver. “House Bill 1176 will assist DOL in its efforts to provide excellent customer service to the state's small business owners. It will also make life easier for staff members at the agency, who will no longer be burdened by duplicative and laborious processes that take up so much of their time. That's what I call a win-win.”

House Bill 1176 is Hoff's first bill to be signed into law. It will go into effect later this year.


Washington State House Republican Communications