Statement from Rep. Larry Hoff on the passage of Senate Bill 5061

Rep. Larry Hoff, ranking Republican on the House Labor and Workplace Standards Committee, issued a statement Friday following the passage of Senate Bill 5061 by the House:

“While this is something we would have liked to have gotten done six months ago, I am pleased we were able to approve this bill in the opening weeks of session. It is unfortunate none of our amendments were accepted, but this is still a good bill that will provide significant relief for Washington businesses facing massive unemployment insurance tax increases. As session continues, we will continue making the case that employers should not be held responsible for the layoffs that occurred because of the governor's shutdown orders. Furthermore, they should not be asked to replace the hundreds of millions of dollars stolen from the Employment Security Department by an international fraud ring. We have much more work ahead, but this is a fine starting point in our effort to support our job creators, grow the economy, and bolster the state's unemployment trust fund.”


Washington State House Republican Communications